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Client Testimonials

 "Your work is Stupendous! Bright and beautiful it epitomizes HOPE exudes positivity and heralds new beginnings."

"Thank you for such a lovely painting. It brightens up the room so much! It's a perfect touch to the new house and I am so glad I can give this Artwork a home where it will be appreciated and cherished"

"Beautiful! Spiritual and Cultural, warm feelings of connections come through"

Warrior Queen, Spread your wings and Celebration are my top 3 choices, its hard to choose from an array of wonderful work!

"Wonderful bright colors!"

 From Veteran Artist AL Biegel
“As an Artist I am highly impressed with your colorful work and Indian theme paintings, Thank you for the display of your body of work, My favorite painting is ‘Ganesha’"

"Your work is beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your passion"

"Sheela's Artwork is so inspirational and brought so much brightness to my Foyer. I love the bright colors and complex textures that bring her Art to life! 

"I love the Exhibit and your passion. Thank you for the interesting stories and explanation behind your paintings"

The painting ‘Conversations’ has brightened and added color to our humble abode, so very pleased with the imagination that went into this creation.  Hubert and Sheila

I am overjoyed to be a owner of a magnificent work of art which has a double meaning of delight to my heart. Beautifully painted by Sheela Becton the National Bird of India (the peacock) is also my favorite bird.  Michelle Hollis

I don't have the words to express how beautiful and inspiring you and your work are!

I attended Sheela’s Art Gallery ‘Colors of India’ in September 2022 and purchased 2 paintings ‘Soothing Palms’ and ‘Warrior Queen’. I absolutely love them and they are proudly displayed at my home. She is going to have another Art Exhibit in January of 2023. Guess who is going to be the first one at the door? I can’t wait to see what she is going to do next. Sylvia Tyson

What an amazing feat! I was blown away by the beautiful paintings, Good Luck!

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